Born and raised in the bayous of Louisiana, Marc was chasing and catching snakes as early as he was able to walk. At six years, he caught a green snake that became his first real pet snake. Several others soon followed. The few that made it through the front door were quickly escorted out by Marc's mom. After that, he made several attempts to cage them outdoors in an old metal washtub but the sly critters always escaped within a day or two. The swampy canals in his back yard were snake and turtle havens as well as Marc's playground; reptiles became second nature to him.

Marc later began to explore snakes and other reptiles beyond his home surroundings. His first view of nonlocal snakes was at a reptile farm that Marc frequented outside of Baton Rouge. He was awed with larger, slower moving snakes. A variety of international snakes displayed an assortment of elaborate patterns. Soon Marc was the excited owner of his second pet snake:  a boa constrictor.

As an adventurous young man, Marc relocated to Minnesota. While Marc had to leave the bayous behind, he certainly did not leave his enthusiasm for snakes behind. Determined to find a new snake for a pet, he visited pet stores. After learning that all the snakes available in pet stores had been bred in captivity, he took hold of a new passion:  he would breed his own snakes.

Marc Bailey Reptiles and Rodents was born more than 20 years ago out of a hobby of breeding small snakes such as corn snakes and a few others that he occasionally sold to people he knew. Today, Marc breeds the finest ball pythons in the world. His snakes are living works of art with unique and intricate markings and colors that make each snake different from any other. Marc's snakes are of the highest quality and health status as they are fed only the healthiest rodents that he breeds and raises himself.

Marc is as excited about snakes today as he was as a kid. His zeal for creating unique and beautiful patterns is evident in each new creation. He is inspired by nature and his love for animals to continue breeding and providing premium ball pythons for all who love them.